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Rembrandt Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Rembrandt is a well known brand for high quality toothpaste. For tooth whitening they offer three different varieties. This review of Rembrandt toothpaste will cover the differences between the three main types of Rembrandt toothpaste for teeth whitening including our own analysis of their overall effectiveness and value.

1. Rembrandt Toothpaste – Deeply White + Peroxide Whitening

This is the standard Rembrandt toothpaste for all-purpose tooth whitening. This mint flavored peroxide toothpaste is designed to whiten teeth beyond just the surface stains while remaining gentle on tooth enamel and the gumline. It will maintain whiter teeth by preventing re-darkening which can be can be particularly helpful as a followup from another tooth whitening procedure. Like every Rembrandt toothpaste, it also prevents tartar and plaque build-up and freshens the breath by removing odor-causing bacteria.

Our Analysis for Deeply White Peroxide Toothpaste

This peroxide toothpaste is for long-term whitening. Everyone’s teeth are different but you should not expect to see noticeable whitening for at least a few weeks if not a few months. But keep on it and you will notice gradual whitening. Although we find this product to be a solid high end Rembrandt toothpaste, there are two other issues with this whitening product. First, the peroxide taste is quite strong and the winter mint flavoring cannot fully mask it. Some people might have a problem with the taste. Second, for a general whitening toothpaste intended for long-term use, the cost is quite high and may be over some people’s budgets.

In conclusion, we give this Rembrandt toothpaste a 4/5 as an effective but costly long-term whitening toothpaste with a strong peroxide taste that may take some getting used to.

2. Rembrandt Intense Stain Removal Whitening

rembrandt toothpaste intense stain

Coffee, tea, wine drinkers and smokers take note: this Rembrandt toothpaste is specifically designed to remove the tough tooth stains that are a common side effect from many foods, drinks, and certain drugs. It also claims to actively restore and strengthen tooth enamel.

Our Analysis for Intense Stain Removal Toothpaste

This Rembrandt toothpaste is not for general whitening. It is for controlling and removing tooth stains and in this respect it shines. A common complaint is that the watery or runny-liquid consistency or texture of this toothpaste makes it a hassle. We found that mixing the toothpaste around in the tube (by alternately squeezing the top and bottom) significantly reduced this problem but it is an inconvenience nevertheless.

Overall this Rembrandt toothpaste gets 4.5/5 rating as an effective and powerful teeth stain remover with a little inconvenience that takes it down by half a star. Keep in mind that this Intense Stain removal toothpaste exactly that–stain removal–and though it does whiten the teeth overall, it is not as powerful on this point as the Deeply White peroxide whitening Rembrandt toothpaste.

3. Rembrandt Extra Gentle Premium Fluoride Whitening Toothpaste (For Canker Sore Sufferers)

This mint flavored Rembrandt toothpaste is designed to provide general tooth whitening for anyone who is sensitive to strong chemicals in the mouth or prone to canker sores. Although not advertised as such, this Rembrandt toothpaste actually appears to reduce the instances of new canker sores (see analysis section probable reasons why).

Our Analysis on Extra Gentle Premium Whitening Toothpaste (For Canker Sore Sufferers)

Not surprisingly, the tooth whitening properties of this toothpaste is not quite as powerful as either of the first two types but Canker Sore sufferers should definitely take note that this toothpaste actually prevents a common cause of canker sores. Although this Rembrandt toothpaste is not designed (or advertised) to actively prevent canker sores per se, it comes as a pleasant surprise that in fact, a significant majority of customers report to have stopped getting any new canker sores since using this Rembrandt whitening toothpaste!

On further investigation, the reason for this appears to be because this Rembrandt toothpaste is surfactant and SLS-free. SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) is a common cleaning and foaming agent in almost all toothpastes (as well as many soaps, shampoos, shaving creams, and other personal care products) that many people are highly sensitive to, particularly in the mouth (e.g. canker sores).  Surfactants are another common type of chemical in fluoride toothpastes that can be irritating to some people and toxic in larger quantities. Since both surfactants and SLS commonly cause oral irritations such as canker sores, just by eliminating these compounds from their product, this Rembrandt toothpaste actually prevents canker sores.

In conclusion, we give this Rembrandt toothpaste a solid 5/5 for its specific purpose: tooth whitening for canker sore sufferers and sensitive mouths. However, if you do not suffer from canker sores or mouth sensitivity, we recommend one of the previous Rembrandt toothpastes for greater whitening power.

All-in-all, the three toothpastes we have just reviewed should cover almost everyone’s tooth whitening needs. Whether you have a sensitive mouth, deep stains, or need a overall whitening, Rembrandt has a product for you. As always, whether you choose a Rembrandt toothpaste or a different whitening toothpaste, we wish you the best of luck with your teeth whitening and a dazzling smile!