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This website covers all of the proven teeth whitening solutions currently on the market. We review and rate most of the popular bleaching gels, in-office whitening treatments, bleaching strips, toothpastes and mouthwash/rinse. Best Whitening will help you learn about different teeth bleaching or whitening procedures, decide what is most ideal for you, and based on that decision, find the perfect products for your teeth whitening needs. Our reviews are also filled with product tips and warnings based on our own experience as well as user feedback to give you the safest, most effective, and overall best whitening experience.

However, before beginning your quest to find the most powerful whitening treatment for you, always keep the following considerations in mind:

All of the teeth bleaching or whitening treatments we review are effective with high rates of success. That said, there is no single set of universal “best whitening” products or solutions for everyone. Everyone has a different set of teeth based on a combination of age, genetics, environment, and diet. There are many causes for tooth staining or darkening and accordingly, many solutions. This is why we can’t just have one single perfect bleaching treatment. Also, different solutions require different investments in time, money, and patience, so again, we cannot stress enough the importance of finding a whitening treatment that is right just for you.

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Teeth Whitening Options

What follows is a brief overview of the main distinctions between the different teeth whitener treatments we cover on the Best Whitening website:

Treatment #1: Bleaching Gel

An at-home bleaching gel treatment is one of the most powerful options with results equal to an in-office bleaching. The full gel regimen will take around two full weeks, requiring daily treatments ranging from 15 minutes to 6-8 hours (overnight). A gel treatment allows a significant amount of individual control of the gel’s power and is likely the best whitening treatment for anyone who needs strong results but may have somewhat sensitive teeth or gums. Even with high quality custom trays, a full gel treatment costs substantially less than the in-office option. If you need a powerful bleaching treatment and can fit the treatment time in your schedule, bleaching gel is likely the best whitening treatment for you because you can match the gel’s strength with your teeth sensitivity.

Treatment #2: In-Office Bleaching

An in-office teeth bleaching treatment is usually a powerful gel-based treatment performed by a bleaching specialist or dentist. This is the most expensive option with the lowest estimates around $300 but often going over $1000. It can also cause strong teeth and gum sensitivity for hours or days after the treatment. However, an in-office bleaching can be as short as one 45 minute session and can provide results equal to a full at-home bleaching gel regimen. An in-office treatment may be the best whitening option for you if your teeth and gums are relatively insensitive, you need powerful results fast, you have a busy daily schedule, and money is not major concern.

Treatment #3: Tooth Bleaching Strips

Bleaching strips are thin, usually plastic strips coated with a teeth bleaching solution that you put on your teeth for the designated time. They are quick to apply, fast-acting, and convenient. You can use them during your commute, at work, or even while talking, as long as you don’t eat during the 15-30 minutes each day that it takes to whiten your teeth through bleaching strips. This is likely the best bleaching solution for anyone with a busy schedule who wants a decent whitening that is relatively convenient, cheap, and painless.

Treatment #4: Toothpaste and Rinse

This is the least powerful whitening treatment but also the simplest and most painless. These toothpastes, mouthwash/rinses tend to be high quality products in general and are intended to replace your normal teeth and mouth hygiene products. This is a good whitener solution for someone who would like whiter teeth but isn’t in any particular rush, who wants to maintain their already pearly whites, or who just doesn’t want to deal with any of the stronger bleaching options.

Treatment #5: Natural Home Teeth Whitener

Natural whitening is a wild card because of the number and range of different treatments. This is undoubtedly the least expensive option but it can be effective. However, anyone who is considering natural teeth whitener treatments should be aware that there are some risks involved and a number of natural tooth whitening ‘treatments’ that are currently floating around on the internet will actually strip or damage tooth enamel and are therefore definitely not recommended. See our main article on Natural and Home Teeth Whitening for more details.

Your Investment

To find the best whitening solution, you must do your part which begins first with a little research. Hopefully this brief overview has given you a small idea of what you need or at least of the options available to you. You will now need to do some more research on the specific products and treatments. After you have found and purchased a product that seems right for you, the last step is simply patience and using the treatment as directed. There is always a small chance that a given treatment will not work for you for whatever reason but never give up! Try some other treatments or products that fit what you need and you will soon find the perfect one for you. Nothing good is ever free but as soon as you see the results we’re sure you will agree with us that it was worth the cost, the time, and the patience, because no matter who you are, nothing improves your appearance better than a bright white smile. We wish you and your smile the best whitening success!

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