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DayWhite ACP Tooth Whitening Gel Review

What is DayWhite Whitening Gel?

DayWhite ACP is a powerful quick-acting tooth whitening gel. The gel contains amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP), potassium nitrate, and fluoride, to rebuild and fill in cracks in enamel (cause of stains), add luster, gloss, and smoothness, reduce fade-back and re-staining, and help reduce sensitivity during treatment. The powerful concentration of DayWhite ACP gels are designed for quick whitening results with minimal wear time. A DayWhite ACP treatment will take between 15 and 60 minutes for each application. By contrast, many other whitening gels require between several hours to a full overnight treatment. If you are looking for a quick but effective teeth whitening gel, DayWhite ACP is a great choice.

daywhite acp review

DayWhite Gel Concentrations

DayWhite ACP Whitening System comes in three concentrations:

7.5% Hydrogen Peroxide

9.5% Hydrogen Peroxide

14% Hydrogen Peroxide (replaces 38% Carbamide Peroxide)

Note that Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbomide Peroxide are similar bleaching compounds but Hydrogen Peroxide is approximately three times stronger then the equivalent of Carbamide Peroxide (hence the significantly lower concentration). However, both compounds contain DayWhite’s signature ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate) formula. As previously noted, a single treatment will take between 15 and 60 minutes (up to two times a day) with the higher gel concentrations taking less time. The first full DayWhite ACP whitening treatment should take no more than two weeks with shorter optional touch-ups every few months, years, or whenever it is needed. As of 2024, DayWhite has replaced their older 38% Carbamide Peroxide with a 14% Hydrogen Peroxide solution (see above link). You may still be able to find Carbamide Peroxide kits and there should be little or no difference in effectiveness.

Here’s a short informative video explaining the basics of teeth bleaching with trays. However, because you can now order DayWhite ACP online, you can save several hundred dollars by avoiding a trip to the dentist (or at least not buying it through them):

Teeth Bleaching Trays for DayWhite ACP

DayWhite ACP teeth whitening kits do not come with their own whitening trays. These bleaching trays are a required component for teeth whitening gels and if you do not already have a pair, you will need to purchase them separately. Best Whitening recommends Professional Custom Teeth Whitening Trays for DayWhite ACP. There are several steps involved for making this tray. First you will be shipped a teeth impression kit which you will need to send back to their dental lab with your teeth impressions. Then they will create your custom-fitted teeth bleaching tray. This is essentially an identical process to what your local dentist would perform but at mere 10-15% of the cost.

The alternative is Watts Dental Sure Fit Teeth Whitening Trays. Watts trays are high quality make-at-home trays so there are no extra shipping times involved. We do not advise you use the cheap $5 to $10 trays at the local pharmacy because you will end up with a weaker fit that causes non-uniform whitening, uses more gel, and causes more irritation.

A Final Bleaching Tip

While in the 1-2 week process of bleaching your teeth with DayWhite ACP, try not to drink coffee, tea, wine or consume other dark drinks, certain foods, or tobacco that will cause new stains. While bleaching, the surface of the teeth become more porous. Small cracks in the enamel are opened which makes it easier for new stains to form. Your saliva as well as certain chemicals in the DayWhite ACP gel formula will naturally remineralize these cracks but if you consume a staining food or drink shortly after bleaching your teeth, it will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment by re-staining.

Best of luck for your DayWhite ACP teeth whitening treatment!