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Colgate Whitening Gel

Colgate teeth whitening products cover two different categories: toothpaste and tooth bleaching gel. This Colgate whitening review will only cover the tooth bleaching gel because after a careful study of Colgate whitening toothpaste, we had to conclude it is not as powerful for teeth whitening as a few of the competitors, notably Rembrandt toothpaste. As with all our reviews, first we will cover the basic manufacturer information and essential details for each product and then conclude with our own detailed analysis and rating based on it's effectiveness and shortcomings.

Colgate Visible White 9% Hydrogen Peroxide

Colgate gel

Colgate Whitening – Visible White 9% Hydrogen Peroxide, 4 Pack

When it comes to do-it-yourself or at home teeth whitening, gels are usually the most powerful and effective treatment for serious tooth bleaching. Colgate whitening gel is no exception and packs a powerful 9% hydrogen peroxide concentration, making it equal in strength to what dentists use. The kit comes with a full bleaching treatment of four 3.1g mint flavored syringes of gel.

It is important to note that Colgate whitening gel does not contain tooth whitening trays. These trays are a required component for the gel bleaching procedure so if you do not already have some, you will need to purchase them separately before you can begin treatment. For gel bleaching trays, we recommend one of the following:


Professional Custom Teeth Whitening Trays Watts Dental Sure Fit Teeth Whitening Trays

Just remember that a good quality tooth bleaching tray can significantly improve the effectiveness of the treatment and dentists can charge $300+ for some of the exact same custom-fitted trays!

Our Analysis Visible White 9% Hydrogen Peroxide Gel

The 9% hydrogen peroxide concentration is roughly equivalent to 30% carbamide peroxide gels which, as previously noted, puts Colgate whitening gel on the level of professional dentist whitening treatments. The difference is that doing the Colgate whitening gel treatment yourself costs about 10 times less than a dentist would charge! This is a pleasant surprise for many folks these days who would like a powerful tooth whitening solution but may be on a tight budget or just want to a good bit of money. Of course, to get the same effect from Colgate whitening gel as a dentest's treatment, you must correctly follow the instructions (not difficult) and also get a high quality set of teeth whitening trays but again, these too will cost significantly less than what the dentist charges.

Anyone planning to use Colgate whitening gel should be aware of two related issues common to all bleaching gels:

First, many people experience short-term gum and/or tooth sensitivity just after getting or using gel tooth bleaching treatments. This is normal for these gels and should not be alarming or unexpected, particularly considering the high hydrogen peroxide concentration in Colgate whitening gel. However, if the sensitivity is too much, you should reduce frequency of treatments or in more extreme cases, discontinue them altogether. Some people are just very sensitive to tooth bleaching gels and should consider a different option for whiter teeth.

Second, make sure you follow Colgate's recommended quantity for gel on your tooth whitening trays. Too much will likely cause increased gum and tooth sensitivity while too little will reduce the coverage and effectiveness of the treatment. That said, too little is generally better than too much.

In conclusion, Colgate Whitening Visible White 9% Hydrogen Peroxide gel gets a solid 5/5 as an effective and powerful dentist-strength tooth bleaching gel. As an added bonus, Colgate whitening gel contains potassium nitrate and fluoride which both help to strengthen tooth enamel (which is often weakened by powerful gel treatments). Once again, remember you must buy the tooth bleaching trays separately. We wish you the best of luck with Colgate whitening gel and a shining bright smile!